Tempo Traveller Rental Agencies in Delhi

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Posted on February 24th, 2024

Delhi, being the vibrant capital of India, is known for its hustling life experience. and when it comes to taking a ride throughout this place, you might need a lot of immunity. It’s not easy to cross the traffic jams and reach your destination on time. Especially, if there are many hurdles in your way.  Now, think about a Delhi Tour where you can’t rely on maps and local people for guidance. How about saving your time and peace? I mean, you can’t just carry your big backpacks at every sight. And if you have a whole group, then Tempo Traveller is made for you! And this blog will guide you through the whole process of finding and renting a Tempo Traveller. 

Top 5 Tempo Traveller Rental Agencies in Delhi, Listed!

Here are Tempo Traveller Rental Agencies in Delhi listed for you to explore them and then choose the best one:

No.Tempo Traveller Rental Agencies in DelhiFeatures
1.Japji TravelBudget | Deluxe | Luxury options | Premium Model | Legroom | Air suspension
2.Chiku CabLocal rentals | Outstation trips | Specializes in corporate trips | Easy online booking.
3.DelhiTempoTraveller (Experience Tours)Offers luxury and non-luxury vehicles |  Tempo travellers, Cars & Buses | 100% secure | Passenger-friendly.
4.SavaariChauffeur-driven tempo travellers | Luxurious facilities | Comfortable drives | Hassle-free booking through app.
5.Rajputana CabsSedans | SUVs | Crysta SUVs | Tempo Travellers | Trained drivers | Customized Packages
Tempo Traveller Rental Agencies in Delhi

1 Japji Travel 

At Japji Travel, you will get the Best Deals on Rental Tempo Travellers in New Delhi. It is one of the leading Tempo Traveller Agencies in Delhi. Now, you can Book Luxury Tempo Traveller, Deluxe Tempo Traveller, and even Budget Rate Tempo Traveller for your Tour. Most importantly, their super comfortable traveller is the “Premium Model”. This vehicle includes a lot of luggage capacity and leg room. And the Air suspension on the rear wheels makes it perfect. 

2 Chiku Cab – Tempo Traveller Rental Agencies in Delhi

Next we have Chiku Cab, which offers Local Rental, Outstation Cabs, Airport Transfer, and One-Way Cabs. The Tempo Traveller Rental Agencies like Chiku Cab provides vehicles for any trip from a Family Trip to Corporate Meeting Tour or Commercial purpose. Likewise, they have special luxury and executive cars for corporate trips. Here you will get finest car rental services. You can simply book your Tempo Traveller here by visiting their website.

3 DelhiTempoTraveller (Experience Tours)

100% Secure and Passenger-friendly. This is third among the list of Tempo Traveller Rental Agencies in Delhi. DelhiTempoTraveller or Experience Tours is known for its Luxury and Non-luxury vehicles. You can book anything type from Car, Bus, and Tempo Traveller. Working since 2010, They have branches and services offer in over 50 cities. Likewise, you won’t have to worry about travel arrangements, seats and comfort here.

4 Savaari – Tempo Traveller Rental Agencies in Delhi

Being the mega Intercity and Local cab provider, Savaari easily comes under the range of the top Tempo Traveller Rental Agencies in Delhi. Likewise, the chauffeur driven Tempo Traveller here are full of luxurious facilities. They provide travelling services in 2000+ cities across the country. Most importantly, a comfortable drive is their motto. Savaari has trusted reputation on many people who have taken a ride with them. And the booking process is hassle-free with a handy app. 

5 Rajputana Cabs

Rajputana Cabs, one of the premium Tempo Traveller Rental Agencies in Delhi, offers exclusive vehicle services for Outstation Vacations, Local Tours, and even weddings. You can opt for any type of vehicle from Sedans, SUVs, Crysta SUVs, and Tempo Travellers. The drivers of Rajputana Cabs are well-informed and trained to provide you the best travel exerience. In addition, the prices are pocket-friendly and customized.

8 Tips To Find And Rent a Tempo Traveller 

Navigating this city is not a mere play.  You will need a guide, a trained driver with local expertise and a comfortable ride. Now the question is, how to find the best vehicle? However, with so many rental agencies in Delhi. Let’s help you! Japji Travel has been leading this Tempo Traveller business for many years. You can definitely trust them.  

These 8 great tips are made just so you can find your dream tour vehicle:

1 Defining Your Needs 

The first step to rent a Tempo Traveller is always finding about your own needs in the beginning of process. How many people are going to ride in this vehicle? Then you will have to think about seating arrangements. What’s your budget? Ask yourself. How many places are you going to visit? How much distance you are planning to cover? And Number of luggage matters! Because there has to be a separate space for your bags. While going for a long-hour trip, you must set the duration of both rides and stops. So, make this step clear in your mind.  

2 Search & Research about Tempo Traveller Agency

Don’t just search some top rental agencies, research about each one. Compare the tour packages, vehicle varieties, additional charges, transparency level, drivers and staff of each rental company. And then choose the best one. In addition, you can check the feedback and reviews left by past customers who have taken the same vehicle services as you aim for. Then, you can get more ideas by simply scanning the social media handles of that company.  

3 Compare Quotes of Various Agencies

Next step is to ask for quotes. Make sure you get quotes from at least 4-5 Tempo Traveller rental agencies in Delhi. Thwen, proceed to request a breakdown of all charges in the package. Inquire about base rental fee, taxes, vehicle insurance, and damage fees. This way, you will be able to differentiate between all rental providers and choose the one which will resonate with your interests, needs and budget.  

4 Choose Only Trusted Rental Company

Always prioritize reliable Tempo Traveller rental agencies in Delhi which are transparent in their approach. Do not get attracted to cheap prices. Make sure the agency is licensed and authorized. This way, you will avoid any legal conflict. You need to put your trust in the best agency. Likewise, go for quality pricing and policies.  

5 Check the Contract

It’s essential to check all contracts before agreement. Don’t ignore terms and conditions. Likewise, pay keen attention to all rental terms. This will include the duration of the entire tour, location of pick-up and drop-off, mileage limits, and extra charges if required. Seek clarification about Tempo Traveller rightfully. 

6 Negotiate and Confirm

While rental costs may be mandatory during peak seasons or for popular vehicles, there can often be room for negotiations, especially for extended rental periods (off-peak hours). Once you’ve agreed on terms, always get a written confirmation of your reservation to prevent misunderstandings or disputes in future. 

7 Communicate With Driver And Agency

You must communicate with your Tempo Traveller rental agency and driver about your preferences and itinerary. This will allow them to organize everything in the proper way as per your preferences. Likewise, discuss the routes, stops and duration of each destination with your driver. Make sure he is trained and modest.  

8 Carry all necessary Documents

Carry all your important documents like Identification cards, travel permits of a particular area, cash, insurance papers, and other papers. You need to be aware about each checkpoint and their demands. So, make sure that you carry them. This will save your time from unnecessary delays. And cash is always the best option to put in your pocket despite having UPI and online money access. You never know, if the internet stops or your mobile phone may get damaged. Likewise, you won’t find ATMs everywhere. So, consider this tip too.

Now that you’ve got an idea about everything from renting a Tempo Traveller from a trusted rental agency to all essential steps, it’s time to move forward in your Delhi trip with safety, comfort and curiosity. Have a great journey!

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