18 Seater Minibus

18 Seater Minibus

Fare Detail

For Delhi Local 8 Hour / 80 Kms


For Oustation Tours and Sightseeings

45/- Per Km

Driver Charges 1000/- Per Day
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18 Seater Mini Bus for Rent

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AC Service, Cushion seat and push back seat, DVD and music system, Clean and tidy interior

We offer a wide range of flexible and affordable tour packages to locals as well as foreign and foreign visitors. All our services are provided after careful consideration of all feedback received over the years. The needs and interests of tourists were taken into account when organizing all our services. They offer the best temporary travelers to rent in Delhi. You can rent a temporary traveler in Delhi. Luxury Minibus rentals are available in Delhi from 18-seater to 21-seater.

Moving at a Minibus is much easier and more intimate than traveling by car or bus. This is especially true when traveling with family, friends, and business partners. Stopping everywhere is not as cumbersome as a bus and is wider than a car. They offer tour packages and facilities not only in Delhi but throughout North India. They provide information on all places and advice on the best places to eat and shop. Traveling in rhythm also gives you the opportunity to start a conversation with a wide variety of people. Our friendly and helpful staff will ensure a safe and memorable travel experience while exploring India.

The seating arrangements here are too wide and the trip is very relaxing. In addition to a large capacity for carrying people, this luxury van also has a large space for storing luggage. It can hold 8 to 12 large bags and 5 to 6 small bags. The 18 Seater Minibus vehicle is equipped with a GPS system, so you can comfortably and easily reach your destination without knowing the road. In addition to GPS, a remote control-based emergency system is also provided, which makes travel very convenient and safe. You can get a safe trip by traveling in this 18 Seater Minibus