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Pushkar requires no introduction for the glory, history, and culture that it displays. One of the country’s ancient cities, located in Ajmer, is well-known for its religious significance since it has one of the very few temples of Lord Brahma (Hindu god). The Jaipur to Pushkar trip has it all for any keen traveller, including the annual cattle fair, the holy lake, a variety of adventure activities, and an unending supply of emotions to photograph. Before we get started with an exclusive list of locations to see in Pushkar, there are a few things you should know. Keep reading.

Places to See on Your Jaipur to Pushkar Trip

Here are some of the best places to see in Jaipur to Pushkar trip that you shouldn’t miss:

  • Pushkar Fair
  • Mahadeva Temple
  • Pushkar Lake
  • Merta
  • Naga Pahar

1. Pushkar Fair

Pushkar Fair

Yes, every year, Pushkar Tourism organizes the famous fair on the banks of Pushkar Lake. Pushkar Fair is one of India’s remaining big traditional melas, bringing together animals, farmers, traders, and people from all around Rajasthan. This fair provides an opportunity to see the colours of rural India in its most natural form, where visitors may engage with residents and purchase Rajasthani handicrafts.

The fair is one of the greatest locations to visit in Pushkar because it attracts large crowds. The fair also hosts a variety of animal races, camel processions, and cultural events. Furthermore, the Jaipur to Pushkar trip has recently become a favourite destination for hippies and foreign tourists.

2. Mahadeva Temple

Mahadeva Temple Pushkar

Pushkar is one of the nicest destinations to visit on your Jaipur to Pushkar trip, as well as one of India’s most well-known cities for its magnificent temples. The city has various temples worth seeing. These temples not only give a spiritual retreat but also lead visitors through the historic streets of this old city. One such temple is the Mahadeva Temple, which is one of Pushkar’s most popular tourist attractions. The Mahadeva Temple, built in the nineteenth century, is one of Pushkar’s most popular attractions. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva as its major deity, and there is a white marble statue of him within. This temple’s highlights include polished flooring and beautiful wall paintings. Another

3. Pushkar Lake

Pushkar Lake

Pushkar Lake is the nearest to God Brahma’s temple and one of the most peaceful spots to visit in Pushkar. According to folklore, this is where Brahma and Savitri offered their prayers. It is thought that a bath in this holy river heralds Moksha – liberation from birth. The lake contains multiple ghats created specifically for bathing and praying. Brahma Ghat is the most well-known among several others, including Varaha, Dadhich, Saptarishi, Gwalior, Kota, Gau, Yag, Jaipur, Karni, and Gangaur Ghat.

4. Merta

Merta Temple Pushkar

Merta is about 400 years old and is well-known for its Meera Temple, which is devoted to Krishna. Previously known as Medantak, this city is the birthplace of Meera Bai, making it one of the most famous destinations to visit in Pushkar. The Dadhimati Temple and Charbhuja Temple, both located here, attract a considerable number of devotees throughout the year. This city is also historically significant due to the great number of conflicts it has witnessed. As such, it is one of the most popular destinations to visit in the Jaipur to Pushkar trip. If you are visiting Pushkar, make sure to visit one of these places.

5. Naga Pahar

Naga Pahar Pushkar

Pushkar and Ajmer are separated by a hill known as Naga Pahar. According to traditions, the hills of Naga Pahar are still diminishing and will finally disappear entirely. These hills are thought to be the home of the renowned Sage Agastya. The hills also have a lake called Nag Kund. Naga Pahar boasts a wonderful view over Pushkar City from its summit and is frequently utilized as a vantage point for photographers. It is one of the top Jaipur to Pushkar destinations for a fantastic vacation.  

How to Reach from Jaipur to Pushkar

  1. By Road: Pushkar is a stunning tourist attraction in India. You may enjoy a great holiday with your family and friends by visiting this beautiful city. You may get a cheap bus ticket from Jaipur to Pushkar by booking online. The whole journey time between Jaipur and Pushkar is around 3 hours and 50 minutes. You can make your bus reservations online. The cost of a bus ticket to Pushkar ranges from INR 166 and INR 1700 per person. You can also book a Tempo Traveller on Rent and go with your family.
  2. By Air: The nearest airport to Pushkar is Jaipur International Airport. So, you can take a flight to Jaipur, and from Jaipur, you can rent a cab to go to Pushkar.
  3. By Train: 46 trains run between Jaipur and Pushkar. Some of these are the Sealdah Ajmer Express, Gorakhpur Ahmedabad Express, Agra Fort Ahmedabad Settigunta Express, Ranchi Garibnwaz Express, etc.

Road Trip from Jaipur to Pushkar

Going on a road trip from Jaipur to Pushkar is a pleasant and flexible option to experience this magnificent trip. Choosing Japji Travel’s cab services makes the journey more convenient and reliable. They provide reliable drivers who know the roads well and provide a smooth ride. With Japji Travels, you can stop at sites along the journey on a tempo traveller on rent, like historic temples or stunning panoramas in the Aravalli hills. It’s more than simply a drive; it’s an experience made easier and more delightful by their exceptional service.

Route Map and Distance from Jaipur to Pushkar

Let’s look into the routes and distance from Jaipur to Puskar:

Route 1: Jaipur to Pushkar via NH 48

This is the shortest and most efficient way to travel between Jaipur and Pushkar. The Jaipur to Pushkar distance on this route is around 142 kilometres and takes about 3-4 hours. This route will take you from Jaipur to Mokhampura to Bandar Seendri to Kishangarh to Gagwana to Pushkar.

Route 2: Jaipur to Pushkar via NH 48 and MDR 85

This route is longer than the previous one. The Jaipur to Pushkar distance on this route is around 166 kilometres, and it takes about 4 hours. This route will take you from Jaipur to Sawarda to Naraina to Roopangarh to Kishangarh to Gagwana to Pushkar.

Jaipur to Pushkar Taxi Fare

Let’s look into the Tempo Traveller Hire Rates to Pushkar:

One-way fare:

9-Seater Luxury Tempo Traveller9+2DieselAC 
12-Seater Deluxe Tempo Traveller12DieselAC 
Toyota Innova6+1DieselAC 
Swift Dzire4+1DieselAC 
8-Seater Tempo Traveller8+1DieselAC 
Suzuki Ertiga6DieselAC 

Round-trip fare:

6-Seater Toyota Innova Crysta+6DieselAC2 
9+1 Luxury Tempo Traveller+9DieselAC2 
11+1 Luxury Tempo Traveller+11DieselAC2 
12+1 Deluxe Tempo Traveller+12DieselAC2 
15-Seater Tempo Traveller+15DieselAC2 
9-Seater Semi Sleeper Tempo Traveller9+2DieselAC2 
Swift Dzire+3DieselAC2 
8-Seater Luxury Tempo Traveller+8DieselAC2 
9-Seater Premium Tempo Traveller+9DieselAC2 
Suzuki Ertiga+6DieselAC2 

Best Time to Travel from Jaipur to Pushkar

Pushkar’s weather is dry, with cold nights and warm days, punctuated by infrequent rains due to its desert location. Each season provides a distinct view of the city. Summers and monsoons can be sweltering and hard. Therefore, winter (November – February) is the best season to visit this enchanting destination. During this time, the weather is favourable, allowing visitors to fully enjoy Pushkar’s splendour without the inconvenience of excessive heat or heavy rain.


The Annual Camel Fair undoubtedly attracts the majority of visitors to Pushkar, but the other top locations to visit in the Jaipur to Pushkar trip are just as fascinating. Plan a vacation to Pushkar to enjoy the best of Rajasthani tradition and culture.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What are the top spots to visit in Pushkar at night?

Pushkar Lake, Rangji Temple, Market Square, Brahma Temple, Temple Road, Varah Ghat, and other attractions are popular late-night destinations in Pushkar.

Q2. What is Pushkar popular for?

Pushkar is popular for its annual Pushkar Camel Fair. In addition, there are many temples, ghats, and interesting eateries to explore.

Q3. How many days are needed to explore Pushkar?

Two days are enough to explore Pushkar.

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