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Posted on February 23rd, 2024

Forget those nightmarish hidden charges, and the not so convenient transportation. A right car booking service will provide freedom, flexibility and comfort. Everyday, a new company enters and claims to be the right travel partner for you. However, you can’t put your trust and money in just any car booking services provider. Then how to find the truster vehicle company? Well, it would take a lot of research and check-ins. But, but, but! We made it easy for you! This guide is all about the top 6 car booking online companies and why Japji Travel is ranking first in this list. Let’s find out!

Why Trust Car Booking Companies?

Instead of riding through the packed buses or a small car where your whole family will fail to adjust, renting the right car might help! you can’t risk your whole outfit for a cheap ride to a significant event like a wedding or an important corporate meeting. And you don’t deserve to feel nervous and exhausted all the time. That’s why finding a car booking company with a trained driver is the only perfect option. It can be a sustainable as well as affordable choice for you. How? Find it here!

Sustainable Car Booking Services

Using car booking services reduces the number of personal vehicles. Thus, leading to less fuel consumption. And less pollution. It is good for the environment. This ensures optimum vehicle utilization since a whole family is riding through just one vehicle instead of driving their own personal ones. 

Car Booking Online At Affordable Rates

Since the entire family will reach the event via just one big vehicle, the cost reduces automatically. Car booking is really cost-effective by saving a lot of fuel and transportation. And if there are members without any vehicle, they might be required to book taxis. It would cost them a lot. And this is where a car booking company enters. In addition, there are promotional offers and great discounts offered by these car rental companies to save your money. Now, comes the best part, no parking charge. 

After a long discussion, it’s time to know about the top 6 leading car booking online companies to plan your whole ride.

Top 6 India Car Booking Companies List

Let’s go through this list of reliable car booking partners. Whether it’s a beautiful wedding or a motivating office meeting, a right car booking company will play the major part here!

No.Top Car Booking Companies in IndiaWhat’s The Best Part?
1.Japji TravelPerfect for special occasions and big groups. VIP treatment. Trained drivers. Flexible Packages
2.blablacar.inIdeal for budget-conscious travellers. Carpooling opportunities. Share rides and connect with new people.
3.savaari.comIntercity & Local cab services. Well-maintained vehicle, transparency Pet-friendly options
4.zoomcar.com20,000+ cars. Diverse range like SUVs, sedans, hatchbacks, and convertibles. User-friendly app. 24/7 support
5.gozocabs.comGood for Outstation travel. Safe & Secure. Affordable Packages packages. Flexible booking options subscriptions.Short-term rentals with hourly rates starting at Rs. 33. WHO-approved sanitization.

India Car Booking Companies List

1 Japji Travel

Overcrowded buses will suck out your whole energy even before reaching your destination. Who wants to look tired and nervous while entering a big event? You don’t! Then, why not take a relaxing and luxurious ride to the venue? Become the showstopper while arriving with a stunning car. Japji Travel will do everything for you. No wonder it is the best car booking company in India. If you have a big group of family members or friends, then trust their comfort with this leading car rental company. 

The best part about Japji Travel is their services such as Unbeatable Prices, Professional Drivers, Convenience & Comfort, Flexible Options, and peace of mind. 


Our next candidate is, a perfect car booking company which provides carpool services. Not only pocket-friendly, but also eco-friendly, this is the main theme of

You can join around 90 Million people to talk about travel adventures on this website. But, what exactly does BlaBlaCar offer? With Carpooling, people split their expenses because both of them are going the same route. This also reduces the fuel consumption. 

You will meet strangers. This can be a chance to communicate and make new friends. In addition, we can say that this car booking services provider is the favourite of adventurers, social souls, and budget-conscious people. 


Round Trip Cabs, Oneway Drops, Local Rentals, and Airport Transfers are the main services provided by Likewise, this car booking company claims to be the largest intercity and local cab services provider. Do you know what sets this company apart? Well-maintained hygiene, Transparency, trained drivers, and being trusted by people of 2000+ cities. Another fact about is that it makes pet lovers really happy. Likewise, their cars are pet-friendly. You can take your furry baby anywhere you are going without worrying about other people or extra ride fares. 


This car booking company is not just limited to India but other countries as well. offers a range of stunning SUVs, Sedans, Hatchbacks, and convertibles. What’s so special about this car rental service provider is how you have 20,000+ options of car to pick from. And the Zoomcar app is user friendly with the easiest way to book your vehicle. Likewise, its app is available on both iOS and Android. You just need to download it and set your budget, location, time, and car type. In addition, the 24/7 support feature of this company will help you anytime and anywhere. 


Do you know why the customers of are loved by its customers? Transparency in the whole process, no hidden charges, punctuality, Safe for women, Child-friendly, arrangement for disabled and elderly, well-trained drivers, and budget-friendly packages. Additionally, this car booking services provider is your one stop solution for intercity traveling. In addition, it would take just a minute to book your ride through the Gozocabs app. There are options to choose a one-way trip or two way. In addition, you can go for a multi way trip. 

6 is the last car booking company on this list. There are numerous reasons to choose this company: WHO-Approved Sanitisation, Safe car delivery process, Paperless digital agreements, long-term car subscriptions, customized packages, big range of vehicles to ride, No travel restriction in any place of India, and insured vehicle. Likewise, the hourly rates of a ride starts at just Rs. 33 which makes it an affordable riding option. Whether you want to run a few blocks or drop your guest to the airport, it is a perfect company to choose. 

Now, it’s time that you opt for the best car booking online.

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