Tempo Traveller With Air Suspension

Tempo Traveller With Air Suspension

Fare Detail

For Delhi Local 8 Hour / 80 Kms


For Oustation Tours and Sightseeings

28/- Per Km

Driver Charges 400/- Per Day
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10 Seater Vehicle For Tour

Tempo Traveller is Now Available with Air Suspension which can make travel easier. We have a comfortable luxury maharaja 10 seater tempo traveller with installed air suspension in the rear wheel for passengers’ comfort. The Air suspension tempo traveler is a luxurious minibus that has the capacity to hold and carry about 9-12 passengers in it. It is a luxury van as it provides all the comforts necessary during the journey for travelers. The tempo or this minibus can be hired for a small journey in the same city or for any outstation journey required for any family trip, or for a group tour, or for any official or corporate tour.

The traveller contains a Fridge, WiFi, and sofa seats for seating that can be stretched as to form a bed whenever required by the passenger for a proper resting, and also the tempo is fully air-conditioned which adds on to the comfort level of the passengers. The tempo traveler is in high demand in the present scenario as it is a feasible, affordable, and comfortable mode of travel.

Premium 1×1 Tempo Traveller Features and Facilities

  • This Vehicle Have 9+1 Luxury 1×1 Broad Maharaja Seats
  • Vehicle installed GPS Tracking system for safety
  • Cold Fridge Available in Premium Traveller Vehicle
  • WI-FI Available to surf the Internet while on Move
  • Fully Packed Windows Glass as Like Volvo Coach
  • Air Condition Turn ON Through Out The Journey, On Moving Even on Hills

One can easily hire Delhi luxury tempo traveller as it is within the reach of every person and one of the best modes to go on for a trip with a large number of friends or colleagues or family members. The windows provided on the bus are very wide that can provide good ventilation. This tempo traveler is made available from Delhi to Shimla, Delhi to Rajasthan, and Delhi to Nainital, Delhi to Agra, and Delhi to Jammu, Delhi to Haridwar and for a number of cities in India. The drivers hired for the tempo traveler are such an experienced one that they also act as a guide for the travelers whenever they required and make the passengers reach their destinations safely and happily.

The comfortable tempo traveller has many advantages as the services and the tour managers are seeing active for 24 hours, bookings for the services can be easily made online or through WhatsApp and the traveler is provided in a very good condition so that the passengers do not face any kind of inconvenience throughout their journey. Services provided by the air suspension are such a quality one that would definitely make the entire journey a memorable and a happier one and one will for the next time demand for the same conveyance while going for a group tour. There are no hidden charges present while booking for the same and the transparent charges are shown up and genuine charges are levied so that you feel better while hiring the bus.

Tips for an Enjoyable Tempo Traveler Ride with Rental Tempo Travellers

Rental Tempo Travellers offers a wide range of well-maintained air suspension tempo travelers in Delhi NCR for affordable and comfortable intercity travel. Here are some useful tips to help you have a smooth tempo traveler booking and journey with them:

Choosing the Right Tempo Traveler

  • Rental Tempo Travellers has a fleet of 9, 12, 15 and 22 seater tempo travelers in both AC and non-AC variants. Pick an option as per your group size for optimal comfort and pricing. Solo travelers can opt for shared rides.
  • All their tempo travelers are fitted with air suspension for a smooth and bump-free ride. This makes long journeys easier for children and elderly passengers too.
  • Their AC tempo travelers are ideal for summer travel or long routes. The non-AC options work well for shorter journeys in cooler weather.

Making the Booking

  • It is advisable to book your Rental Tempo Traveller at least 2 days before in advance for busy seasons and routes. Last minute bookings can be more expensive.
  • Provide correct details on your route, dates, pickup/drop locations and passenger numbers while booking for accurate quotes.
  • Rental Tempo Travellers provide complete fare breakdowns upfront including night charges, tolls, taxes, driver charges etc so there are no hidden costs later. 
  • You can conveniently make an online booking on their website with immediate confirmation. The 24×7 support team can also assist with bookings and coordination.

Before the Ride

  • Carry any essential medicines, snacks and comfort aids like neck pillows, shawls, chargers etc for the journey. 
  • Load your phones and tablets with entertainment – music, movies, games – to stay occupied during the ride.
  • Reach the pickup point 10 minutes early. Confirm vehicle and driver details before boarding.

During the Journey

  • Follow all safety norms like wearing seatbelts and avoiding leaning out of windows.
  • Notify the driver for extra stops you may need for using washrooms, meals etc.
  • Monitor journey progress through the driver.
  • Keep the tempo traveler clean by avoiding littering, use the dustbins provided.

At End of Ride

  • Remember to tip the driver for good service before debarking as per your satisfaction.
  • Provide honest feedback about your experience to Rental Tempo Travellers via email, app or call to help them improve.
  • With its well-maintained vehicles, certified drivers and 24×7 support, Rental Tempo Travellers tries to ensure a safe and comfortable travel experience. Following these booking and journey tips will further add to your ease and enjoyment.

10 Seater Premium Tempo Traveller Outstation Fare From Delhi

Popular Tours By 10 Seater Tempo Traveller  Attractive Offer Price
Delhi Local Sightseeing 6800/- 10 Hours
Delhi Agra 1 Day Trip 16000/- 14 Hours
Delhi Haridwar Rishikesh 2 Days 23000/- 40 Hours
Delhi Manali By vehicle 4 Days 48000/- 80 Hours

Have a look a Premium Air Suspension Tempo Traveller


What is the difference between air suspension and normal suspension tempo travelers?

Air suspension uses air bags instead of conventional springs resulting in more comfortable rides over uneven roads. The adjustable suspension also provides leveled stability.

Are there options for both AC and non-AC tempo travelers with air suspension?

Yes, Rental Tempo Travellers provides both AC and non-AC variants of tempo travelers equipped with air suspension.

What are the different seating capacity options available?

Rental Tempo Travellers offers air suspension tempo travelers with seating capacities of 9 seater, 12 seater, 15 seater and 22 seater.

Can I make changes to my booking?

You can request changes to your booking by contacting Rental Tempo Travellers customer support subject to availability and applicable charges.

What is the cancellation and refund policy?

Cancellation charges apply based on the time of cancellation before journey. Please refer cancellation policy on website for details.

How far in advance should I book the tempo traveler?

It is advisable to book at least 2 days before for busy seasons and routes. Last minute bookings can have higher fares.