Safest Car Rental Company in India

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safest car rental

Posted on June 13th, 2023

Safest car rental company in India

India is one of the most visited tourist places around the year. It is a blend of ancient and modern eras mixed together. So, India has so much to explore. India has many modes of transportation to visit famous tourist destinations; though car rental is the easiest and convenient way to go and see those places.
There are several options if we rent a car. If you are new to this country then I must tell you that you can rent a car with a driver or you can just rent a car and drive yourself. There are several companies offering car rental services with different terms and conditions. It would be difficult to call the one which offers the simplest.

Hiring a cab for multiple trips during a day can make a hole in anyone’s pocket. And if you are addicted to cars and not willing to switch to public transport than be ready to spend a huge amount of money on rental cars.
India is famous for the most number of crimes compared to other countries. This is the reason why tourists hesitate to opt for car rentals. There were some incidents that added some spices to the scenario. After all these scenes car rental companies have strictly changed their rules and regulations. As well as the government has also taken some strict actions regarding the behavior of drivers and the safety of the tourists traveling in the vehicles. One way Car Also Available

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This is the reason why most of the tourists prefer government-certified tourist vehicles for traveling around the city. The government has made a fully-fledged Transport Department with Travel Transport Counters and Tourists information offices at various disembarkation points around the country. These services have a wide variety of tourist vehicles and coaches. These are considered the safest in car renting. Though Private car rentals are as good options as government-certified ones.

Every car rental service company has significant experience in making excellent transport arrangements for Travelers. The government has fixed rules and regulations for all the services they are providing. Some of them are

– Round the clock transport control room for vehicle management.
– Equipped with a full variety of tourist cabs and coaches.
– Equipped with a panel of reputed and approved tourists transport operators as a backup system.
– Certified drivers with full background history.
– Every vehicle has a medical kit for an emergency.
– The large fleets of vehicles are well maintained and are in good condition.
– The driver details are shared once the booking is confirmed.
– The drivers are always on time.

After the lockdown because of COVID-19, finally, some of the car rental companies are resuming their services. They are trying their best to provide reliable and safe taxi services for movement across the state as well as the country with the best safety measures they can take.

With below-given safety measures, companies are coming back on track –

– Every car will have a bottle of hand sanitizer for their riders, in case they could not procure one for themselves.
– Before and after every ride, cab drivers need to sanitize the car they are driving.
– It’s mandatory to air out all the cars before and after every trip to eliminate all chances of communicable infection.
– Only 2 passengers are allowed in Sedan cars and 4 in SUVs.
– Our driver partners have been given hand sanitizers and face masks to make the car a safe and secure space.
– We have also provided our drivers with disinfectants to help them clean the cars after every ride.
– Only after intensive and rigorous training in personal and cab hygiene, our driver-partners are assigned rides.
– Please note, our drivers are instructed to follow social distancing for your as well as their safety.

Driven by the necessity to supply sustainable transport that’s both cost and energy-efficient, hire car services have ensured that they harness the potential of new-age technology like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics to offer the best user experience to consumers as per their preferences. Clubbed together, these technologies have streamlined the process of renting a car.

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From choosing your car to the fuel type to payment modes, the whole process is taken care of by technology, enabling the buyer to possess a hassle-free experience. Tech-enabled systems like GPS & security systems that provide better navigation and safety have made the concept of shared mobility more attractive to the new-age consumer.

Car rental services are also easily available and offer multiple options that are affordable and can be chosen to suit the customer’s needs. Another crucial aspect that users needn’t worry about is the cost and hassle of auto maintenance. This is a plus that rental cars have over personally owned cars since the responsibility for maintenance and repair of the vehicle is minimal.

While hire car companies do have regulations for the buyer to buy any damage to the vehicle, they eliminate the regular maintenance charges which might need to be paid in case of ownership of a personal car. One is also free from worries about the depreciating value of an asset when one rents a car instead of owning one. These multiple benefits have ensured that car rental companies gain a massive user base within a short period of time, and increased adoption of shared mobility in the country.

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