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Posted on June 13th, 2023

How to choose tempo traveler rental for a longer trip

How to know which vehicle to rent

First, we have to take into account the number of people who travel to know which type of tempo is best suited for our needs. Depending on the number of people you want to transport, you can rent a mini-time that can accommodate 15, 18, 20 people, or rent with a seat for up to 35 users, or rent a tempo with space for up to 41 passengers.

Factors to consider when borrowing tempo

Once we have decided on one of the options, we will take the route that we are going to take into account or we will need some extra to transport us.

For example, the price of tempo traveller rentals can vary for trips with a single destination or if you want to make stops or routes instead at different points. On the other hand, if your trip lasts only one day, or if you need a tempo service for a few days, you can change your costs.

In addition, other factors, such as transportation of animals in warehouses, the passage of toll roads, and additional services, maybe some of the charges to consider when requesting a budget.

In addition, there are other options to consider when adopting tempo, as it can be done driverless lye.

Requirements to rent drivers and tempo

In this case, it is the company itself that provides the pros to drive the vehicle, so you don’t have to worry about cards or permits.

No matter which option you choose, tempo rentals are a great advantage when traveling with a group of people so that they can pick you up at the door of your stay and forget about traffic jams and parking issues.

In addition, you don’t have to drive, you can use your time to talk, read, work, listen to music, and don’t have to worry about alcohol control.

Rental tempo service has wide experience in the field. They are recognized as a car rental service provider in long traveling, India. With the rental, you can choose one of the best service provider who provides all types of travel-related services, recognized by India’s leading and efficient travel service providers, are under one roof. We offer all kinds of tourist vehicles, tempos,

The hiring of tempo traveller allows you to take advantage of exclusive service, choose departure times, routes, stops, stops … and most importantly allows you to prepare an adequate travel plan to the type of movement.

Depending on your needs or those of your company, you can in fact rent a tempo for:

✓ Transfers to and from airports

✓ Transport for corporate events, meetings, conferences, fairs

✓ Round trip day trips

✓ Multi-day tours

✓ Corporate travel

✓ Transfer for ceremonies

✓ Night services (parties, discos …)

Who can you rely on for a tempo trip?

Choosing the right tourist transport company may seem complicated at first … few pieces of research will be sufficient to understand how vast the offer on the net of this type of service is.

By choosing a nearby transport company you will be able to reduce the costs related to the amount of time of the vehicle on the road: the time of the service is in fact calculated from the moment the tempo leaves the garage until the moment it returns … reduce it!

It must be said immediately that the vast majority of transport companies do not publish hourly rates or per km online, also because each travel request is strictly personalized, making standardization of costs difficult.

Having said that, the guiding criteria that lead a company to formulate the price of a passenger transport are almost always the same and basically act on these factors: duration of the journey in hours or days (to calculate the driver’s work performance) distance traveled (for vehicle wear), motorway tolls, any parking, entrances to areas, on-board services and, last but not least, the type of vehicle chosen.

Almost all companies have on their website an online format specially prepared for the request for quotes (such as the one we have previously seen available on the search portal); filling in the request with this system has no booking value and therefore allows you to compare the offers received from the various companies contacted.

Sending the request, therefore, involves filling in various items, or, alternatively, send an email as detailed as possible; therefore, before proceeding, make sure you have defined:

  • Number of passengers
  • Type of service
  • Place, date and time of departure
  • Place of destination
  • Return location, date and time (sometimes referred to the end of service time)
  • Possible stops and intermediate stages
  • Travel itinerary
  • Presence of disabled people

Remember that the reservation is considered made confirmation of what was budgeted and with the advance payment of a deposit.

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