Look at  Weekend Getaways from Delhi

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Posted on June 28th, 2023

Look at  Weekend Getaways from Delhi

If life has become too humdrum and you’re looking for some change, why not get out of Delhi, if only for a couple of days? What’s really nice about a place like Delhi is that you have umpteen choices for planning short weekend packages from Delhi. Depending on which direction you take, there’s always a scenic hill station or a quaint town that you would love to spend some time in, to recharge your batteries.

And what makes it better and more convenient for you is that you only need to hire a bus from Delhi to your chosen destination. In case you’re a family holidaying out of Delhi, go in comfort in an 12 Seater Minibus, which will take care of your entire luggage and give you spacious legroom all the way. Plus, you get the benefit of having a courteous and knowledgeable driver and an assistant to give you nuggets of information about the place you’re going to.

  • Agra, 230 km from Delhi

Visiting and exploring the Taj Mahal is everyone’s dream, but when you’re with your loved one, this trip is the more exciting. If you’re looking to spend some quality time with your beloved, a trip to Agra is must and for a fulfilling & romantic experience, a visit by night is not to be missed. For weekend getaways near Delhi for couples, Agra can be a great option.

  • Shimla

If you’re a honeymooning couple, there’s no better place than romantic Shimla. Its spectacular sights, mountain weather and quaint walkways win over every lover’s heart and they always end up staying just a little longer. You could also fall in love with the manicured parks, the range of charming restaurants and quiet monasteries that add character to Shimla.  Any room in a hotel here with a warm fireplace is enough to keep your romance kindled, so why not give Shimla a try?

  • Mussoorie, 267 km from Delhi

Like Shimla, Mussoorie too is mountainous and everyone’s favorite, yet, this one’s unique for being the perfect picnic destination. If you’re the outdoorsy type, you’re going to love trekking in the hills here and listening to the birds call as you go.

  • Jaipur, 280 km from Delhi

To check out an example of how history marches forward with modernization, you need to make a trip to Jaipur, the Pink City. If Jaipur is predominantly historical in nature, it doesn’t stop there. There are kinds of lifestyle enjoyments here such as pubs, bars, restaurants, nightclubs, etc.

So, you have palaces and rubbing shoulders with luxurious hotels & skyscraper buildings. With camel rides, jeep safari rides and hot air ballooning, you couldn’t ask for a better weekend, could you? Some of the many weekend getaways from Delhi are also bunched together depending on your interests. For instance, if you love wildlife, you could spend time at any of the wildlife sanctuaries, which are:

  • Jim Corbett National Park, 235 km from Delhi

If you’re bored of city life and are craving for the outdoors, why not take a weekend to enjoy some of the best wildlife we have in India? Here, at the Jim Corbett National Park, you can be part of the abundant flora and fauna of this wildlife sanctuary. That apart checks out the ‘Paradise of Tigers’ and all the other wildlife here. Take a jeep safari to get a close look at the animals and don’t forget to take an elephant safari. To complete your holiday, visit the neighboring Corbett Waterfall, Dhangarhi Museum and Girija Temple.

  • Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, 220 km from Delhi

Not far from Delhi, you’ll come across the BharatpurBird Sanctuary in the city of Bharatpur, known as the hometown of this sanctuary. Earlier it was known as the Keoladeo National Park. If you love birds, you can make this a weekend to get to know the different varieties of rare birds by visiting both places. The national park is a birds’ paradise with hordes of migratory birds like the Siberian crane, egrets, pelicans, etc. If you want to enjoy a weekend out of Delhi, this is the place to be.

There are many cheap weekend getaways from Delhi. So, if you’re budget-conscious, you should think of going to places like:

  • Nainital, 278 km from Delhi

Among the prettiest hill stations in India, it is known for its amazing natural beauty and majesty. Its picture-postcard beauty of the hills here, situated in Uttarakhand state, attracts new tourists and old-timers too who spend a few days far away from the hustle and bustle of Delhi life. The tranquillity of this place attracts them and they return here often. Lake Paradise is a famous spot for honeymooners here.

  • Mukteshwar, 331 km from Delhi

Part of the Kumaon Hills of Uttarakhand, at Mukhteshwar you can get the most spectacular views of the Himalayas. Part of ‘God’s own land’, it draws its name from the MukhteshwarDham, an ancient  Lord Shiva temple. It is serene and is unspoiled because tourists in large hordes hardly ever come here. So, it’s a great place to reconnect with your soul.

If you’re into adventure sports, you have a wide variety of places to choose from, such as:

  • Sohna, 55 km from Delhi

About an hour from Delhi NCR, you drive through fields to arrive at the Flyboy flying club to do some paramotoring. Once you get into the flying receptacle, you’re soon up in the sky and enjoy the ride. You kiss the skies and love the panoramic views of the area.

There are many more places outside of Delhi where you can go to get over your boredom or tension of city life. The more you get out of your daily routine, the better you will feel. But for this, you need to not just plan, but also engage with a good tour operator who has the experience of arranging such tours. One such tour operator is Japji Travel, as we take special care to our customers. If you have any special needs, we will ensure that your request is carried out. By the end of your holiday, you will realize that you have got your full money’s worth by engaging us. And yes, if you’re keen to go with us, hurry up and make your reservations. Rental tempo travellers provides its early bird customers a hefty discount, so avail of it and use that money to have a happier holiday. To know more, get in touch with us today.

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