Delhi to Badrinath: How to Reach, Travel Time By Road

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Delhi to Badrinath

Posted on March 29th, 2024

The Badrinath or Badrinarayan Temple is located in Badrinath town in India and is devoted to the Hindu god Vishnu. This town and temple are part of the four pilgrimage sites called Char Dham. Badrinath sees an influx of visitors yearly during the Yatra season due to its status as a revered pilgrimage site. Therefore, you should be careful with your possessions while going from Delhi to Badrinath. The roads leading to Badrinath are prone to landslides during the monsoon season, so it’s best to avoid them. 

NH58 connects Delhi to the Mana Pass, close to the Indo-Tibetan border, and provides excellent road access to the Badrinath Yatra. The journey from Delhi to Badrinath typically takes 12–13 hours and covers a distance of about 500 kilometres. This is the perfect guide for planning a trip to Badrinath from Delhi. So, keep reading.

Badrinath Mandir

Delhi to Badrinath Travel by Tempo Traveller 

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How to Reach from Delhi to Badrinath

Listed below are the most direct routes from Delhi to Badrinath. Let’s find out in detail. 

1. By Air 

Jolly Grant Airport in Dehradun is approximately 317 kilometres away, making it the closest airport to Badrinath. You can take a bus or taxi to get to Badrinath from the airport. From major cities in India, Dehradun is easily accessible via regular flights operated by several domestic airlines. When you reach Dehradun, take a bus or hail a cab to Badrinath. Depending on traffic and weather, the journey from Dehradun to Badrinath by road can take nine to ten hours. 

2. By Train 

About 288 kilometres away, Rishikesh is the nearest railway station to Badrinath. Getting to Rishikesh from Delhi is as easy as taking a train. With an extensive rail network, Rishikesh is well-connected to the most important cities in India. The cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai all have multiple train connections to Rishikesh. From Rishikesh, getting to Badrinath is as easy as hailing a cab or hopping on a bus. The time it takes to travel from Rishikesh to Badrinath by road can vary from 8 to 9 hours, depending on traffic and the number of tourists. 

3. Via Road 

Regular bus services connect the major cities in Uttarakhand to the pilgrimage website, and Badrinath is also easily accessible by road. On the journey to Badrinath, you’ll get breathtaking views of the Himalayas. The hilly terrain, though, can make it difficult at times. Before setting out on your journey, it is wise to verify the current state of the roads. From Delhi, you can reach Badrinath via National Highway 58, which passes through Haridwar and Rishikesh. Given the right weather and traffic conditions, the trip might take anywhere from thirteen to fourteen hours, covering a distance of about 542 kilometres. You can hire a Delhi to Badrinath Tempo Traveller from Japji Travels to reach Bradinath via road.

Best Time to Visit Badrinath by Road 

Some locations welcome people all year round, allowing us to enjoy them in all their varying hues and seasons. Some are open briefly, giving people a sneak peek at the magic before they close forever. The second is Badrinath, a tiny but magnificent holy town in Uttarakhand. 

During the cold winters, the Badrinath temple considered the crown jewel, remains closed. However, summer is the ideal time to visit Badrinath because that’s when the temple is most magnificent. Cold, chilly, and snowy weather persists throughout the year in Badrinath. An average temperature of 18 °C is usually a nice and cosy day. As the Monsoon and Winter seasons approach, Badrinath travel experiences a decrease in temperature along with the patter of raindrops and, later, a dusting of snowflakes. 

Best Routes From Delhi to Badrinath 

The following route is the best to visit from Delhi to Badrinath.

  • The capital of India, Delhi, will be our starting point. 
  • Take the NH334 or NH334B to reach Haridwar. 
  • As previously stated, proceed along the road that begins in Haridwar and ends in Rishikesh before continuing to Badrinath. 
  • The trip from Delhi to Badrinath takes about 15 to 16 hours and covers 530 to 550 kilometres. 

Tips for a Smooth Journey for Badrinath 

Consider some important tips for a safe and secure Badrinath travel from Delhi. These are the top tips:

  1. Coats, sweaters, thermals, mittens, and wool socks, among other warm clothing, are best packaged. Wearing multiple layers allows you to control the fluctuating temperatures throughout the day. 
  2. Choose sturdy shoes or boots that fit snugly for walking on uneven ground. To walk around your hotel, bring a pair of slippers or flip-flops. 
  3. Bring high-SPF sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat or cap with a wide brim, and UV-protective lip balm. 
  4. Because of how unpredictable Badrinath’s weather can be, it’s important to check the most recent weather forecast before your trip. 
  5. To prevent altitude sickness, it is critical to follow safety measures. Make sure you give your body enough time to adapt to the higher altitude by taking frequent breaks throughout your journey. 

How to Rent Tempo Traveller for Badrinath 

According to the providers, tempo traveller services are available across India, from Delhi to Badrinath. Their best tempo traveller is ready to go with extra room for bags, white upholstery and drapes, a music system, an LED TV, pushback seats, and a sofa bed. 

Delhi to Badrinath Tempo Traveller of Japji Travels knows all the best places to eat and stay because it connects with all the different types of transportation. In addition, they can set you up with a Tempo Traveller for your multi-stop journey between Delhi and Badrinath. From Delhi to Badrinath, your tempo traveller driver will be your tour guide, ensuring you make the most of your time there. Drivers of tempo travellers are professionals with years of experience in the industry. The Japji Travels website is the only means of communication. Their mentioned number makes it easy for you to call them. 


Travelers seeking solace in nature’s beauty can find spiritual and scenic retreats in Badrinath. The Delhi to Badrinath Tempo Traveller is the best option for your trip. Badrinath is more than just a tourist destination; it offers a profound cultural, spiritual, and physical immersion that will stay with you forever. This comprehensive guide helps travellers willing to go from Delhi to Badrinath.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How many days are needed for the Badrinath trip? 

Two days are enough for Badrinath trip.

Q2. What are the best places to stay in Badrinath? 

Hotel Grand Shiva and the Himalayan abode are two options for comfortable lodging in Badrinath that are close to the temple.

Q3. How does one go from Delhi to Badrinath most efficiently? 

Whether by car or taxi, a road trip is the most efficient transportation between Delhi and Badrinath. The trip takes around 10 to 12 hours and covers about 530 kilometres, with beautiful views of the Himalayas.

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