The Ultimate Sikkim Honeymoon Itinerary for Bangalore Couples

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Sikkim Honeymoon

Posted on September 13th, 2023

Sikkim, nestled amidst the majestic Himalayas, is a breathtaking canvas of verdant valleys, pristine waterfalls, and shimmering lakes. Each time I’ve visited, its charm has only intensified, drawing me into its serene embrace. It’s a realm where nature romances the skies and dances with the clouds. For couples fresh out of their nuptial vows in the bustling city of Bangalore, this is your ideal escape. The contrast from urban hustle to mountain tranquillity is just what you need. Think candlelit dinners overlooking snow-capped peaks and cosy mornings with the melodies of chirping birds. Dive into the Sikkim honeymoon package from Bangalore – it’s the dreamy, romantic sojourn you’ve been yearning for.

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Why Should You Choose Sikkim as a Honeymoon Destination?

Sikkim offers the perfect blend of nature, serenity, and culture. The panoramic views of the Himalayas, the lush green valleys, and the mystic monasteries whisper tales of romance at every corner. The charm of its local customs and the hospitality of its people? That’s the icing on the cake!

Day 1: Touchdown Gangtok

Well, folks, it ain’t Bangalore traffic here! Once you land at the nearest airport and journey towards Gangtok, you’ll notice the sharp contrast between the buzzing city you left behind and the tranquil ambience of this Himalayan state.

Glimpse the Capital

Before getting all lovey-dovey, take a whirlwind tour of Gangtok. The MG Marg is not just any street; it’s a hive of activity. And oh, the street food! A taste here and there is a must.

Day 2: Explore the Unexplored

Tsongmo Lake and Nathula Pass

The sparkling blue waters of Tsongmo Lake, surrounded by snow-clad peaks, would surely make you utter a ‘Wow!’ By the way, don’t forget to wrap yourselves in woollens; it gets nippy up there! If the stars align and the weather gods permit, a detour to Nathula Pass is just the cherry on the honeymoon cake.

Day 3: North Sikkim Beckons

Lachung and Yumthang Valley

Now, hold onto your hats! The journey to North Sikkim can be bumpy, but heck, it’s worth every jolt. Lachung, with its cascading waterfalls and serene monasteries, is a sight to behold. But the real gem? The Yumthang Valley is fondly known as the “Valley of Flowers.” Talk about setting the mood for romance!

Day 4: Adventure Calls

I know, I know! It’s a honeymoon. But who said romance and adventure can’t go hand in hand?

River Rafting in Teesta

The wild rapids of Teesta River aren’t just for looking. Grab a paddle, folks! The adrenaline rush paired with the scenic beauty is bound to make you both feel alive.

Day 5: South Sikkim Wonders

Pelling, my friends, is a place that’ll sweep you off your feet. Well, not literally, but you get the gist.

Visit the Pemayangtse Monastery

This place is an old-school charm wrapped in layers of history. And the panoramic view of the Himalayas? Let’s just say it’s a sight for sore eyes.

Day 6: Farewell, for Now

Before you bid adieu to this lovely state, ensure to shop for souvenirs. Trust me, you’ll want to take a piece of Sikkim back with you.

Oh, and a little nugget of advice: When you book your Sikkim honeymoon package from Bangalore, ensure to check the inclusions. After all, you don’t want to miss out on any of the gems, do you?

Best Time to Visit Sikkim (Season-wise)

Spring (March to May):

Flowers in full bloom and clear skies give the best views of the Himalayas. Perfect for those picture-perfect honeymoon shots!

Monsoon (June to September):

While it brings lush vibrancy to the valley, the rains can be heavy, making it tricky to travel. Adventurous couples? This might be your pick, but stay alert.

Autumn (October to November):

With moderate temperatures and minimal rainfall, this is arguably the best time to visit. The golden hues of the trees provide a breathtaking backdrop.

Winter (December to February):

Snowfall! North Sikkim turns into a winter wonderland. Ideal for couples looking to enjoy the snow, just remember to bundle up.

Sikkimese Cuisine: A Delightful Affair

Ah, the flavours of Sikkim! Every dish tells a tale of tradition.


The king of street food! Steamed dumplings filled with everything from veggies to meat, paired with fiery chutney.


Noodle soup to warm your souls, especially in those chilly evenings.


A strip of pork fat stewed with radishes and chillies. Spicy, tangy, and an absolute must-try!

Sel Roti:

A traditional rice bread, sweet in taste and doughnut-like in appearance. Breakfast, anyone?

Pair these with local brews like Chaang or Tongba, and you’ve got a gastronomic journey right there!

In wrapping up, Sikkim isn’t just a destination; it’s an experience. From its mesmerizing landscapes to its rich culture and mouth-watering cuisine, it promises memories that’ll last a lifetime. For couples hailing from Bangalore, or anywhere else for that matter, this is a journey of love, discovery, and endless moments of joy. So, why wait? Dive into the Sikkim experience, and let the magic unfold. Happy honeymooning.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What’s the ideal duration for a Sikkim honeymoon?

A week is perfect for exploring the main attractions without rushing. You can explore various Sikkim honeymoon packages from Bangalore to assess your options. 

Q2. Are there direct flights from Bangalore to Sikkim?

While there’s no direct flight, you can fly to Bagdogra Airport, West Bengal, and then drive to Sikkim.

Q3. Is it safe to travel to Sikkim?

Absolutely! Just ensure you check travel advisories during monsoon due to possible landslides.

Q4. Any specific clothing we should pack?

Yes! Depending on the season, pack accordingly. But always carry warm clothes and good walking shoes.

Q5. Can we customize our Sikkim honeymoon package from Bangalore?

Of course! Many travel agents offer Sikkim honeymoon packages from Bangalore. Ensure you discuss your preferences in advance.

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