10 Important Car Rental Tips Every Traveller Should know

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Posted on July 15th, 2020

Here are a shoutout and few tips to all the travellers

So are you planning to hit the road with wheels for your next trip? If yes, then believe us you have landed in the right place or we may say you drove to the right destination. We know the unconditional bond of every traveler and the road, that’s one way to embellish the journey, isn’t it? Considering your passion for travel, we bet that car rental is the best option that you have been looking for! We understand the rush, the nervousness and butterflies you feel when you imagine driving a car that’s not yours. To make your trip stress free and easy-peasy here we gathered 10 tips that every globetrotter should know before renting a car.

So, sit back, put on your seat belts because you are on your way to rent a car without any confusing second thoughts!

  1. Compare with other car renting services

Car rental has become such a common concept these days that you will find many companies offering such services. However, before you decide which one to rely on, make sure that you compare the companies and their rate chart. We are sure you don’t want to fall into the rabbit hole of paying extra money with fewer services. So, doing the research and comparing the companies before you decide is the most important tip for every traveler out there.

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  1. Carefully choose the car type

To save yourself from the horror stories of picking the wrong car, it’s important that you decide what kind and type of car you need for the trip. For instance, if you are traveling with a group or number of gears, SUV is the perfect option and in the case of solo or fewer people traveling with you, a compact cosy car will do the deed. Not just this but also look for a car that is pocket and environment friendly at the same time.

  1. Look for unlimited mileage

There are some companies that keep a track of the number of mileage covered by the car when it was with you for the record of rental period and charges. This won’t be an issue for short trips but if your travel enthusiasm leads to a long journey, it will lead to heavy regrets and tight pockets. So, make sure that the company offers you unlimited mileage.

  1. Crosscheck with the reviews

Confused if your decision is wise enough or not? Read the reviews to clear the clutter and confusion in the head. Reading reviews online will always provide you better clarity, consider both the negative and positive reviews to make a better decision.

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  1. Prepare an emergency kit

No one likes a trip full of ‘oh-no not again’ factors. To get rid of such situations carry an emergency kit in the car. Though many car rental companies will provide you with that but don’t completely rely on it. Address your needs and the situations you faced earlier, on the basis of that make an emergency kit.

  1. Check the car

Imagine paying for car damages that are not to claimed by you, scary isn’t it? If you don’t want this picture to be part of your trip, check the car inside out before you take it on the road. Click the picture of every scratch, dent, and damage as a way of proof. Other than this, take the car for a test drive to be sure that there’s no issue with the vehicle and it works effortlessly fine!

  1. Look for one-way car rental

No doubt that road trips make your wallet very light but if the company is ready to offer you one-way car rental, you will end up saving on a lot of money. There are many companies that offer drop off on different locations from where your pick-up point was.

  1. Fill up the fuel before returning

It’s important that you fill-up the tank of the car before you return it. Many companies object and charges penalty for returning empty fuelled cars. Filling up the tank before returning the car is a way off making sure that you don’t consume extra services from the company.

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  1. Clean properly and unpack carefully

Picture yourself receiving your car full of mess and someone else’s stuff, seems annoying? Well, that’s what exactly you don’t want to do to the car rental company. So, before you return the car make sure that you take 10-15 minutes to take off your luggage and clean all the mess.

  1. Know how to return the car

Different companies have a different return policies, so to be on the safer side be aware of it. There are some policies that not only charges a penalty for late drop-off but also for early drop-off. Keep up with their drop-off timings and be sure to know when, where, how, and to return the car.

So, now get ready to decorate your travel book with alluring and wow road trip memories!

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