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Posted on June 13th, 2024

The name Ajmer can be derived from “Ajay Meru,” which means “invincible hills.” The name itself tells many things about the history of the city which was the main center of the Chauhan dynasty and was founded in the 7th century AD. Later, it became the home city of many rural dynasties like the Mughals and the Britishers. Ajmer stands as a symbol of culture, history, and beauty that you surely cannot miss. Hence, explore all the best places to visit in Ajmer that can be an important part of your itinerary for your Jaipur to Ajmer trip.

Places to See on Your Jaipur to Ajmer Trip

Let’s look into the places to see during your Ajmer trip:

1. Foy Sagar Lake

Foy Sagar Lake

This beautiful lake was built in 1892 by Mr. Foy as a means to fight famine. This place in Ajmer also offers an amazing view of the sunset. Spend a good evening cherishing the calmness of its waters and click some nice pictures on the banks of this stunning lake on your Jaipur to Ajmer trip.

2. Ana Sagar Lake

Ana Sagar Lake

It is one of the most famous attractions to visit on your Jaipur to Ajmer trip. This is an artificial lake, that is named after Anaji Tomar. Ana Sagar Lake is an ideal tourist hub. This lake is ideal for spending some good time with friends and family while overlooking a beautiful sunset.

3. Daulat Bagh

Daulat Bagh

Daulat Bagh is one of the best tourist places to visit on your Jaipur to Ajmer trip. Adjoining Ana Sagar Lake, the Daulat Bagh garden was built by Jehangir which adds to the beauty of the majestic lake. There is a marble pavilion within the premises of the garden. It is an important part of your Ajmer sightseeing experience and is perfect for a nature retreat.

4. Nareli Jain Temple

Nareli Jain Temple

Next on the list of Ajmer tourist places to explore is Nareli Jain Temple. Located on the outskirts of Ajmer, this amazing marble edifice is an ideal mixture of contemporary and traditional architectural styles. It is called the Shri Gyanodaya Tirth Kshetra and is an important pilgrimage place for the Digambara Jains. This beautiful temple offers an aura of calm and is one of the most fantastic places to see on your Jaipur to Ajmer trip.

5. Akbar Palace And Museum

Akbar Palace And Museum

This palace was constructed in 1500 AD. It is a nice retreat for history lovers. This is one of the best tourist places to explore in Ajmer. The palace also has a Government museum that displays various aspects of the Mughal and Rajput lifestyle. It also has an assortment of artefacts, armouries, stone sculptures, and paintings of the Maharajas of Bharatpur.

6. Soniji Ki Nasiyan

Soniji Ki Nasiyan

The temple is gold-plated and has carvings from old Jain mythology. Devoted to the first Tirthankara, this marvel finds a mention in “Jainism: A Pictorial Guide to the Religion of Non-Violence.”

How to Reach from Jaipur to Ajmer

Below is the segregation of how to reach Ajmer from Jaipur by air, rail, etc:

1. By Train

Travelling to Ajmer from Jaipur by train takes around 2 to 4 hours. Many good trains run between the two cities. The Swarna Jayanti Rajdhani Express is one of the fastest trains as it reaches the destination in only 1 hour 55 minutes. It runs daily from Jaipur to Ajmer. If you want to book your train tickets, it is advisable to check online portals and the IRCTC website for updated information.

2. By Flight

Travelling from Jaipur to Ajmer by flight takes very long. The nearest airport to Jaipur is Jaipur Airport, which is around 12 KM away from the city centre. If you are coming from Delhi, then take a flight from Delhi to Jaipur and travel to Ajmer by booking a tempo traveller on rent.

Road Trip from Jaipur to Ajmer

Jaipur is popular for its historical palaces, gardens, fortresses, museums, courtyards, Rajasthani food, culture, and everything royal. Every year, millions of domestic and international tourists visit Jaipur to experience the city’s rich cultural history. When travelling from Jaipur to Ajmer by road, you may make the most of your vacation by taking in everything along the way. With Japji Travels Tempo Traveller on Rent service, you may transform your drive into an enjoyable experience while also tailoring the trip to your preferences, travel time, and budget.

Road trips are one of the best methods to move from one location to another. The Jaipur to Ajmer distance is around 135–155 km. The trip time can range from 2.5 to 3 hours. When driving from Ajmer to Jaipur, you can expect a gorgeous journey with well-maintained roads and some wonderful sights to view along the way. What’s a road trip without stopping at a local roadside restaurant? The journey between Ajmer and Jaipur provides numerous possibilities to satisfy your taste senses. With our entirely customizable Ajmer to Jaipur vacation packages, you can stop at any of these locations for quick sightseeing.

Route Map and Distance from Jaipur to Ajmer

Allow us to guide you through the best car routes from Jaipur to Ajmer:

Route 1: Jaipur to Ajmer Via NH 448

The Jaipur to Ajmer distance by this route is around 139 kilometres and takes more than 2 hours and 45 minutes. Always check for traffic updates and use live maps to receive up-to-date information on road conditions from Ajmer to Jaipur. It is the shortest, fastest, and most recommended way to get from Ajmer to Jaipur. Most tourists and ordinary passengers utilize this route because traffic on the Ajmer-Jaipur highway is light. This route will take you from Jaipur to Theekariya to Dudu to Kishangarh to Ajmer.

Route 2: Jaipur to Ajmer Through NH 48 and MDR85

The Jaipur to Ajmer distance by this route is around 150 km, and it takes more than 3 hours and 30 minutes to travel. Always check for traffic updates and use live maps to receive up-to-date information on road conditions from Jaipur to Ajmer. It is an alternative route to take from Ajmer to Jaipur. However, this is a longer path that takes an hour more than the previous one. However, there are more tourist choices along this path.

Jaipur to Ajmer Taxi Fare

Let’s look into Tempo Traveller Hire Rates from Jaipur to Jodhpur:

One-way car fare:

9-Seater Luxury Tempo Traveller9+2DieselAC 
12-Seater Deluxe Tempo Traveller12DieselAC 
Toyota Innova6+1DieselAC 
Swift Dzire4+1DieselAC 
8-Seater Tempo Traveller8+1DieselAC 
Suzuki Ertiga6DieselAC 

Round-trip fare:

6-Seater Toyota Innova Crysta+6DieselAC2 
9+1 Luxury Tempo Traveller+9DieselAC2 
11+1 Luxury Tempo Traveller+11DieselAC2 
12+1 Deluxe Tempo Traveller+12DieselAC2 
15-Seater Tempo Traveller+15DieselAC2 
9-Seater Semi Sleeper Tempo Traveller9+2DieselAC2 
Swift Dzire+3DieselAC2 
8-Seater Luxury Tempo Traveller+8DieselAC2 
9-Seater Premium Tempo Traveller+9DieselAC2 
Suzuki Ertiga+6DieselAC2 

Best Time to Travel to Ajmer

The ideal time to travel to Ajmer is in the winter, from October to March. It is always a good idea to visit Ajmer during the monsoons and winter. If you want to attend the Urs in Ajmer, you can go between April and June.

The peak tourist season is also the winter season, which runs from October to March. The weather provides relief, allowing tourists to enjoy sightseeing without experiencing heat stroke. Also, the well-known Sufi festival is held in October, which you can attend if you happen to be in Ajmer at the time.

The monsoon season starts in July month and continues until September. Rainfall is frequent and heavy. However, the weather isn’t too bad, and tourists can still enjoy themselves during the rainy season. In addition, because this is not peak season, you will be able to enjoy accommodation savings on your Jaipur to Ajmer trip.


With so many beautiful places to explore in Ajmer, one can see the blend of civilizations not just in the pilgrimage sites but also in the picturesque forts, museums, and lakes that beautify the city. As a result, with Japji Travels, you can create your own exciting Rajasthan Tour Package and ensure that you don’t miss any of Ajmer’s must-see sights.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Which are the most notable historical sites in Ajmer?

Ajmer’s major historical sites include Hazrat Khwaja Gharib Nawaj Dargah, Dhai Din Ka Jhopra, Soni Ji Ki Nasiya Digambar Jain Mandir, Nareli Gyanoday Digamber Jain Temple, etc.

Q2. How many days do you need to explore Ajmer?

2 days are enough to explore Ajmer.

Q3. What is the entry fee for Ajmer Sharif Dargah?

There is no fee needed to enter the Dargah.

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