Delhi to Spiti Valley Road Trip on a Tempo Traveller

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Delhi to Spiti Valley

Posted on April 5th, 2024

Nature gives our hearts a certain essence. The Himalayas, among countless breathtaking vistas, create unforgettable moments. One must go for the Delhi to Spiti Valley Road Trip once in a lifetime. Travelling to Spiti Valley is an event that will stay with you forever. There is a clear fusion of Tibetan and Indian influences. Spiti Valley is a secluded and picturesque region in Himachal Pradesh, a northern Indian state famous for its Buddhist traditions, picturesque highland villages, and breathtaking natural scenery.

It has excellent connections from all of India’s states. Taking NH505 from Delhi will take about a day and cover more than 700 kilometres. Is the Delhi to Spiti Valley Road Trip your next vacation? For more information about the trip, you should read this article. 

Spiti Valley

Routes from Delhi to Spiti Valley Road Trip 

There are two ways to approach the Delhi to Spiti Valley Road Trip. It all starts with the Shimla route and continues with the Manali route. Let’s talk about it broadly.

1. Shimla Route 

    The distance from Delhi to Spiti Valley Road Trip is 731 kilometres, and the travel time is at least 22 to 24 hours. To reach Narkanda from Shimla, take a bus or drive there. As you continue to travel into the Shimla region, you will see mountain slopes adorned with fruit orchards, and this sight persists for a considerable distance. 

    Gradually, fruit orchards give way to enormous Himalayan rock cliffs as one travels from Shimla to Kinnaur. The region of Kinnaur is dry and rocky. The religious practices of people at different elevations will change as you climb. Reckong Peo, the Kinnaur district headquarters, marks the end of the day’s journey. Stunning views of the Kinnaur Kailash range are possible from this vantage point. Kaza will expect you to start all over the following day. 

    Kaza is only 200 kilometres away, so it’s best to leave early in the morning. By early afternoon, you ought to have reached Sumdo, the district boundary of Kinnaur and the beginning boundary of Spiti. Keep on the road to Kaza. On your way to Kaza, which you should reach by early evening. 

    2. Manali Route 

    For the Delhi to Spiti Valley Road Trip, the distance between Delhi and Kaza, when travelling through Manali, is 734 kilometres. This will save you a lot of time because the two options are faster. On the other hand, compared to the route through Shimla, this one has a higher elevation gain. In the middle of October, this road is closed because of heavy snowfall caused by western disturbances from the Himalayas around this time. 

    The nearby mountain passes to render the route impassable, resulting in its closure for the subsequent six months. The trail in Manali drops into the Lahaul Valley via Rohtang Pass. From there, it follows the Chandra River until reaching Gramphoo, where it takes a right turn. Gramphoo is the point where the road to Ladakh and the road to Spiti diverge. 

    Best Time for Delhi to Spiti Valley Road Trip 

    During the summer, you’ll find that most attractions are open and that hotels and restaurants are plentiful. The monsoons and harsh winters are not the best time to drive alone (though the scenery is breathtaking during these times). Visiting in the summer (April–July) or fall (October–November) would be best. The first goes via Shimla and Kinnaur, while the second goes via Manali and Kunzum Pass; both lead to Delhi to Spiti Valley Road Trip. Typically, the route via Manali closes at the end of October or the beginning of November during winter. It would help if you still acclimate to the altitude by taking the Shimla/Kinnaur side and returning via the Manali route, even though it is open in the summer. 

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    Itinerary of 9 Days Delhi to Spiti Valley Road Trip 

    Here we will discuss a 9-day Delhi to Spiti Valley Road Trip

    1. Overnight journey to Sarahan 

        You can begin your journey to Sarahan by driving all night from Delhi. The journey takes 12 hours with breaks and refreshments and covers 480 km. 

        2. Exploring Sarahan 

        The charming village of Sarahan is a great place to start your day with a stroll while taking in the sights of the mist-covered hills, valleys, and Bhima Devi Temple. 

        3. Camping at Chitkul 

        Proceed to the last village near the Indo-China border on the following day. Kadcham Dam is worth a visit. The area around the Baspa River is perfect for a day of camping. 

        4. Trotting about in Kalpa 

        Before anything else, you should go for the Reckong Peo District. Among other tourist attractions is a Buddhist monastery over a century old, and you can explore it. 

        5. Gallivanting away to Kaza 

        Before you reach Kaza, you can stop at Nako Monastery, Gue Monastery, Dhankar Gompa in Dhankar village, and Tabo Monastery in Tabo village. 

        6. Scaling the Highest Village in the World 

        Langza is an option for you. You should start your day of sightseeing here. Then, at 14,200 feet above sea level, you can reach the world’s highest motorable village, Komik, via Kibber. 

        7. Lake-side camping at Chandra Taal 

        Kunzum Mata Mandir is visible on the way to Chandra Taal. You can set up camp for the night near Chandra Taal Lake. 

        8. Rohtang Pass 

        After a refreshing shower the following day, you can embark on a journey to the Rohtang Pass and discover the trendy town of Manali. 

        9. Driving back home 

        You can return to Delhi after finishing the entire Delhi to Spiti Valley Road Trip journey. 

        Tips for Safe Delhi to Spiti Valley Road Trip 

        To ensure a risk-free Delhi to Spiti Valley Road Trip journey, consider the following: 

        • At night, the temperature can fall below -10 degrees. Wear your hiking suit, insulated boots, wool socks, sweaters, and coats. 
        • Keep all of your prescribed medications in a first-aid kit. Taking Diamox can lessen the likelihood of experiencing altitude sickness. 
        • For reliable service in Spiti, use a SIM card from BSNL. 
        • The valley is best explored over nine days. 

        Benefits of Hiring a Tempo Traveller for Delhi to Spiti Valley Road Trip 

        The advantages of a tempo traveller for Spiti Valley Road Trip are as follows: 

        1. Super comfy chairs

          The Delhi to Spiti Valley Tempo Traveller has air-conditioned seats with cushions. The seats will be clean and cozy, perfect for lounging around in. You can adjust the seat’s angle to suit your preferred sitting or lounging position. 

          2. Space

          A dependable tempo traveller will have plenty of room for all your belongings, including the luggage you’ll need for your trip to Delhi. Thanks to its decent height, you will have no trouble getting in and out of the tempo traveller. 

          3. Affordable prices

          One additional seat will be available for the driver in addition to the twelve seats reserved for the Delhi customers who book the tempo traveller. The Tempo Traveller for Rent in Delhi is very affordable. You can easily afford it.

          4. Easy access

          A tempo traveller is a way to go for twelve people on the road. You must hire the best tempo traveller for the Delhi to Spiti Valley Road Trip sightseeing. 


          Spiti Valley is an amazing place to visit. You must plan your Spiti Valley Road Trip soon. Book a tempo traveller from Japji Travels and get a memorable experience.

          Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

          Q1. How many days are required to explore Spiti Valley from Delhi?

          Around 9 days are enough to explore Spiti Valley from Delhi.

          Q2. Which is the best month to explore Spiti Valley?

          The best month to explore Spiti Valley is between March to June.

          Q3. Which route is better to visit Spiti Valley by car?

          Shimla-Kaza route is the most recommended one to take to reach Spiti Valley by car.

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